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Is Your Marijuana Business Website Up and Running? 3 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

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With more states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, the industry is booming. While it's exciting to have a business in one of the fastest growing industries in states where it is legal, you must also make a great effort to stay ahead of the competition. Naturally, marijuana marketing gets complicated since you must comply with differing laws depending upon where your company is established, and you always want to make sure that your brand maintains a good reputation. Now that you have your website ready, you can use these tips to generate traffic to the site that drives business to your company's doors.

Focus on Optimization

Gone are the days when a simple website was enough. Today's savvy consumers tend to get turned off by websites that are cluttered with confusing graphics or complicated text. Start by making sure that your website is mobile friendly, and work with professionals who know how to push your site to the top of search lists with strategies such as keyword optimization and link building.

Get Active on Social Media

Social media platforms often have regulations that limit what your business may be able to post, since they may have rules about advertising marijuana company brands. However, you can still get the word out about your company and stick to their terms and conditions with a little creativity. For instance, educational content tends to be fine on social media. Share a link to a news story about recent legal changes regarding cannabis, or you might respond to a question a customer asks on a business review platform. Just make sure to keep all of your social media posts and conversations professional so that anyone who views the content holds your business in high esteem.

Establish Credibility

Many people still have misconceptions about marijuana, or they may want to visit your business but have no idea with where to begin exploring the benefits of cannabis. Add features to your website such as a blog or FAQ page that you can use to highlight educational information. Not only does regularly updated content help increase your website's search rankings, but it also gives those who visit the pages a strong impression that your brand is a leader in the industry.

Marketing your marijuana business requires you to balance compliance with the law with the need to share information about your brand. By knowing how to get more people to visit your company website, you can continue to grow your business by sharing informative and relevant content.

Contact a professional marijuana marketing business for more information and assistance.


8 January 2019