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5 Reasons Your Next Girl's Trip Should Be To A Mountain Lodge

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When planning a girls' trip, you want to look for a destination that has plenty to offer. From relaxation, to nightlife, to adventure, a mountain lodge has everything you need. Before you plan your next girl's trip, discover just some of the reasons why a mountain lodge is a great destination option.

1. Breathtaking Views

A stay at a lodge offers views that are likely unparalleled to anything you'd see at home. Whether it's the beautiful sunrise over a snowcapped mountain or the foliage-lined trees that reach as far as your eyes can see, there is plenty to take in. Simply immersing yourself in this level of beauty is exciting enough; having your friends along on the trip is just a bonus. 

2. Unconventional Cardio

Who says that the only way to get in your exercise is a on treadmill or in a spin class? At a mountain lodge, you can enjoy unconventional cardio in the form of a mountain hike or outdoor yoga, and if you're at a snow lodge, you can even hit the slopes for some exercise and adventure. You and all your friends can enjoy your vacation and stay healthy. 

3. Stress Break

Mountain lodges are typically in secluded environments. As a result, you don't have to worry about the sounds of traffic, sirens, or the other sounds of the hustle and bustle. Instead, you get a chance to listen to nature. With the sound of nature in the background, you can decompress and re-center, which can help boost your mood while you're on your trip and even when you all arrive back home. 

4. Inclusive Amenities

If you want to plan a trip where no one has to worry about anything, a mountain lodge is once again a great option because many of the lodging facilities offer all-inclusive packages. In addition to a beautiful room, you might be able to choose a package that also includes dining options, activities, and maybe even spa services. 

5. Celebration Options

If the purpose of the girl's trip is celebratory in nature, you have plenty of options. Some lodges also offer event planning services that can help you plan a special event for your friend, whether it's a bachelorette party, birthday, or even a celebration for a job promotion or recent graduation. 

Life is busy, so finding time to spend with your friends is hard. Make sure every moment you spend together is awesome and memorable. 


12 February 2019