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Going For Your First Hookah Dive

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Few things put you at peace like being underwater, shut out from the rest of the world, enjoying the sights beneath the ocean. Beneath the surface of the water is teeming with life, and you can see these ecosystems up close and personal when you go diving. One of the most popular forms of diving that you can take advantage of is hookah diving. If you are thinking about taking a hookah dive for your next vacation, consider these tips and use them. 

Learn what hookah diving is, what makes it different, and why it is an excellent idea

You've probably heard the word "scuba diving" thrown around, but perhaps you aren't familiar with the hookah dive. With a hookah dive, it is a few steps past regular snorkeling, as it allows you to explore some 90 feet or so beneath the water. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a hookah dive over traditional scuba diving is that you don't have to lug around a cumbersome tank. Instead, you are outfitted with a hose and a harness and will have more maneuverability as you swim.

A lot of people like hookah diving because it is a lightweight operation and is less taxing on the boat. It doesn't weigh it down and create issues that put your safety at risk to the extent of some other diving systems.

Put the cost matters together, find a reputable diving company, and focus on diving safety

Since you now know why hookah diving is a great idea, you should look into getting assistance from a company that can help you make your dive a reality. Going diving can cost you upwards of about $1,000 depending on what sort of dive you take on. Make sure that you look into certain hourly rates or equipment costs in order to know what obligations you have when you are trying to book a diving trip. 

It's crucial to also look into the safety matters that come into place when you would like to go for a hookah dive. Above all, listen to your instructor, know your limits, and make sure the equipment is tested a few times before you take it underwater. 

Prior to taking a trip, do your research into diving so that you can get the best from your dive. Use these tips to get all that you can out of your hookah dive.  


17 March 2019