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Three Essentials For Throwing A Great Pontoon Boat Party

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Floating parties are fun, and if you've just purchased a pontoon boat, you're probably looking forward to making many happy memories. There's something about being on the water with your favorite crowd of friends and family that makes any day feel like a holiday. If you're like most lucky pontoon boat owners, you already know the basics of ensuring guest comfort and safety during an onboard celebration -- you undoubtedly have personal flotation devices for each passenger, a comprehensive first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher in good working order. Following are three more ways you can get your pontoon boat ready for a party. 

Comfortable Seating

Few things can turn a potentially fun boating party into a dud faster than uncomfortable seating. Your pontoon boat furniture should be made of sturdy, waterproof materials such as marine-grade vinyl. Adjustable seats that be used to recline as well as to sit up straight offer optimal versatility and comfort. It's also important to make sure they're solid and well-grounded -- flimsy seating that doesn't feature good balance isn't safe to use when you're on the water. Even if the lake where you normally go boating is usually as smooth as glass, 

Reusable Plastic Plates, Cups, and Utensils

Most people know better than to serve on-board meals on porcelain or china plates and use cups or glasses made of glass, so they head to supermarket aisle with disposable options when planning a pontoon boat party. However, there's an even choice better choice that's in between disposable, flimsy paper plates and their fragile glass counterparts. Consider purchasing a rugged set of reusable plastic dishes, cups, and utensils for your pontoon boat celebrations. You can wash them after each use and put them away for the next party -- you'll save money by not having to constantly purchase disposable items as well as help the environment by not generating trash that ends up in landfills. 

Prepare Most of the Food in Advance

Preparing food on a boat is difficult even when their isn't a whisper of wind and the water is as smooth as glass. After all -- you never know when a sudden breeze may kick in and upset things or when another boat may zoom by you close enough to case serious waves, which result in food flying everywhere if you are unprepared. Make as much as possible in advance so all you'll have to do to feed everyone is operate an onboard grill if you want a hot entree. This strategy also leaves you with more time to enjoy your own pontoon boat party. 


23 July 2017