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3 Fun And Active 40th Birthday Gift Ideas That Are Drenched In 90s Nostalgia

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Recent years make the time when the cohort of people turning 40 is those who went through adolescence during the 1990s. A fortieth birthday is a big milestone and if you have a loved one who is soon to celebrate this occasion, then you may be looking for a meaningful and unique gift idea for them. Here are three active and fun gift ideas that are drenched in 90s nostalgia that you might like to consider.

1. Break dance lessons

Although some of the moves may be a little different these days, break dancing is a true 90s pastime that is still going strong. If your loved one likes to bust a move, then a course of break dance lessons at a professional dance school might be the ideal gift idea.

For a relaxed and sociable experience, group lessons are a fun option. If your loved one is a bit self-conscious or rusty, some one-on-one tuition in some private lessons may be a better choice. Private lessons will allow them to fine tune their skills or work on specific moves that they'd like to perfect.

2. A pair of inline skates

Nothing characterizes 90s fitness and recreation more than a pair of inline skates. Their popularity waned for a couple of decades but they've made a big comeback in recent years. They make a great gift for a loved one who loves to get out and exercise in the fresh air with retro style.

There are many different styles of inline skates available both online and in sporting goods stores. You can also buy modern replicas of classic 90s skates for a blast from the past experience.  You might also like to include some safety equipment such as a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads, particularly if your loved one is a bit rusty with their skating technique.

3. 90s style active wear

Active wear during the 90s was dominated by matching track pants and jackets and shiny, white trainers. These trends have become popular again during recent years as the 90s become the retro decade of choice in fashion design.

This resurgence in 90s style means it's easy to find a nostalgic set of activewear for your sporty loved one. They successfully recreate the look of the time while still providing the high-performance features of modern active wear. Most of the major sports labels are currently stocking this style of activewear in online and bricks and mortar stores.



1 August 2017