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Do you remember the last time you had a great time spending the afternoon with family and friends outdoors? If you are like most people, you might think things like boating and playing kickball are fun--but only if you are fit and coordinated enough to participate fully. I struggled with having an enjoyable experience with recreation and sports, that is until I started concentrating on getting better at outdoors activities. Check out this blog for all kinds of advice on improving your ability to play outside with the people that you love. You never know, improving your kickball game might also help you to live a longer, healthier life.

Hiking Can Provide A Valuable Outdoor Activity For The Entire Family

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If you're looking for an outdoor adventure in which your entire family can take part, hiking may be the answer. While this activity might not appear to be as thrilling as whitewater rafting, for example, it's something that you can do with family members of all ages. It's important to tailor your hiking route to the skills and mobility of those in your family; if your young children and elderly parents are joining you on your hike, you'll need to find a route that poses just enough of a challenge to be exciting, but that is easy enough to navigate. Here are some ways that hiking can benefit your family members of all ages.


If you're an average-aged adult who hasn't previously gone hiking, you'll likely appreciate the multitude of benefits associated with this outdoor adventure. Hiking provides you with good cardiovascular exercise, which can help you work toward getting enough cardio during your week — something that may be a challenge with your busy lifestyle. Additionally, hiking is an effective way to reduce your stress. You may find that you're no longer thinking about deadlines at work or looming bills when you're in the woods with your family. This is valuable because many adults can afford to lower their stress levels.

Your Children

Many kids don't get enough exercise in their day. Adolescents may spend the bulk of their day at school, doing homework, and going to a part-time job, while younger children won't necessarily be able to get outside and get active unless their parents encourage it. Your children will love the adventure of hiking — older kids may appreciate the break from their busy lives and even from their smartphones, while younger kids will enjoy experiencing a new activity and looking for adventures around every corner.

Your Parents

Provided that your elderly parents have the physical ability for some moderate hiking, they'll appreciate the activity. They might not attempt a hike on their own, but they'll feel confident enough with you joining them. Physical activity is critical for people as they age. Many seniors experience muscle atrophy as part of the aging process, but hiking can strengthen not only your parents' lower-body muscles, but also virtually all of the major muscle groups in the body. Additionally, hiking can be an effective way to strengthen the bones, given that it's a weight-bearing exercise. Losing bone density is a concern for many people as they age, but regular hikes can help to keep the bones strong.

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19 October 2017