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Four Things You Need To Know About Raising A Gyrfalcon

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If you are interested in taking up falconry as a hobby, you should consider purchasing your own gyrfalcon. The gyrfalcon is the largest of the falcon species. 

To master the art of falconry, you will need to be patient and committed to regularly practicing with your gyrfalcon, as you are literally training a wild animal to wild free and then willingly return to a human. Be prepared to devote years to training and working with your falcon. Here are a few things you should know about raising a gyrfalcon.

1. Gyrfalcons Require a Large Area to Live

You cannot house a gyrfalcon in a dwelling the size of a cage. Instead, you should expect to invest in a space that is the size of a bedroom. This will give your gyrfalcon ample space. If desired, you can devote a bedroom inside your home to housing your gyrfalcon, or you may erect an outside structure. The structure also needs to have a perch for your falcon.

It is also important to make sure that you have a large tract of land where you can train and exercise your gyrfalcon. A residential front yard will not suffice, and it may not be safe to have your falcon flying around children, neighbors, or pets. Keeping your gyrfalcon in its living structure all the time is not healthy for it.

2. You Have to Work With Your Gyrfalcon Regularly

A gyrfalcon requires constant training. Though you don't have to work with it every single day, ideally you should have training sessions a few times a week. Do not buy a gyrfalcon if you will need to take multiple weeks off in a row, as this disrupts the training process.

3. Your State or Town Likely Has Regulations Governing Falconry and Owning a Falcon

Before purchasing your gyrfalcon, check both state and local regulations to determine if owning a gyrfalcon is legal. There are some states that do not permit falconry.

Some areas require that you pass a test regarding falconry in order to obtain a permit or license. You may have to acquire a federal permit, a state permit, or both.

4. Your First Gyrfalcon Should be a Passager Falcon

If you are new to falconry, you want to start your training with the right type of gyrfalcon. Most experienced falconry handlers recommend that beginners start with a passager falcon. A passager falcon is a young falcon that is usually a year old or less. Usually, it already knows how to fly.


22 December 2017