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3 Ways To Enjoy The Winter Olympics And World Cup Even If You're Not Into Sports

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2018 is a big year for sporting events. Not only will there be a Winter Olympics, but there will also be a World Cup spanning mid-June to mid-July. These sporting events can be the catalyst for major social events around the globe. Even if you're not into sports, if you find a way to follow and enjoy the Winter Olympics and World Cup, you may increase your social bonds and have a great time. 

If you're not sure how to get excited about sports, here are three ways for you to enjoy these events as a novice.

Learn the Backstories of the Participants

If you get excited by interpersonal drama and social connection rather than winning points and physical prowess, the Winter Olympics and the World Cup both provide excellent times to learn the back stories of athletes. Especially in the World Cup, the players often have inspiring personal histories that involve moving abroad at a young age and supporting charitable causes. 

To learn more about the individuals, follow some of the interest pieces leading up to the games. Knowing a little bit about a few of the people participating can get you excited when they come on screen and give you something to talk about with the sports enthusiasts around you. 

Enjoy the Cultural Exploration the Events Provide 

The World Cup will be held in Russia this year, and the Winter Olympics will take place in South Korea. Leading up to the events there will be plenty of cultural information about the host countries circulating the globe. This will include history, cultural dress, and music inspired by the host cities. Throughout the events, you will be able to take notice of cultural tidbits that can make the games more interesting for you. 

Choose a Team to Cheer For 

One of the easiest ways to appreciate a sporting event is to choose a participating team to cheer for. While your first inclination might be to root for the United States, you should keep in mind that in the World Cup the U.S. team has not done well historically. You may want to choose 1-2 of the higher ranking teams to champion as well. For the Olympics, the U.S. tends to perform better, but it can still be helpful to choose another country to cheer for in events that the U.S. does not compete in. 

Sporting events can be about more than just competition. Focus on the social factors to enjoy the events even if you're not a sports fan. For more information or advice on enjoying sports, contact Lincoln Saltdogs Baseball.


11 January 2018