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Three Advantages To Using An All-Terrain Vehicle While You Hunt

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For countless generations, hunters walked into the woods carrying the gear on their backs and eventually came out dragging their prey. While this traditional approach is something that many hunters continue to use today, it's not on the only way to hunt for deer. If you're looking to make the hunting process easier, you may wish to consider riding on an all-terrain vehicle. There are some drawbacks of using an ATV for hunting — namely, the fact that it's loud. However, there are also a number of advantages that you may find appealing.

Quicker To Cover The Ground

If you're hunting a remote location like a deer trophy hunting ranch, you may park your vehicle in a certain area and then have to walk several miles to your desired hunting area. This walk can not only be arduous, but it can also take up precious time on your hunting day. You may need to drive to where you park well before dawn so that you can get set up where you need to be when day breaks. When you use an ATV for hunting deer, however, you'll be able to get where you need to go much faster. Even in difficult terrain, you can normally travel considerably faster with an ATV than on foot.

Easier To Haul Gear

Most deer hunters understand the challenges of carrying several dozen pounds' worth of gear on their back and strapped to their body. Whether you're a little older, you have a bad back, or you simply don't enjoy this physical challenge, you might wish to consider using an ATV for your hunting expeditions. There are many different accessories that you can buy for your ATV to make carrying your hunting gear a breeze. If you'll be camping overnight in a preferred area, it's difficult to carry a tent for a long distance by foot but extremely easy when you're on an ATV.

Help With Hauling Prey

Even after you've field dressed a deer, you may be left with 100 or more pounds of meat. Even on a smaller deer, 40 or 50 pounds of meat isn't unreasonable. Given that you're already carrying a lot of heavy gear, the idea of carrying this much meat to your vehicle can be extremely daunting — especially if you shot the deer several miles from where you parked. You may also feel uneasy about this long walk, as the smell of the meat can attract predators. When you're able to load the meat onto your ATV and get back to your vehicle quicker, you'll feel better.


13 March 2018