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Use A Charter Fishing Outing As A Teambuilding Activity For Your Office

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It's advantageous for managers of companies to look for teambuilding opportunities to arrange for their staffs. While simple things such as going out for lunch one Friday per month can indeed encourage your team to get to know one another outside of work, it's a good idea to also look for activities that are a little more exciting. Provided that you're close to a large body of water, booking a fishing charter, like Rod Benders Charters, can be a good teambuilding idea for your workforce. Here are some reasons to consider this activity.

There's Something For Everyone

You might initially have reservations that fishing isn't for everyone — and that's probably true. In most cases, not everyone in your office is going to be an angler. However, a fishing charter is still an ideal choice for a teambuilding activity because there's something for everyone. Those who are avid fishing enthusiasts can spend the time on the water actively fishing, while those who aren't can enjoy hanging out in the sun on the deck of the boat, enjoying some refreshments, and taking in the scenery. When someone hooks a fish, even those who aren't fishing can get into the action by holding the net, taking photos, and more.

It Can Identify Those With Leadership Potential

Managers shouldn't view teambuilding outings simply as time away from work. You should also use the opportunity to assess your staff. In an activity such as sport fishing, it's often possible to identify those who have leadership potential. For example, when one employee hooks a fish and begins to reel it in, you may see another employee jump forward to begin making a plan — he or she may ask someone to grab a net, someone else to grab a camera, and provide support for the person with the rod and reel in a variety of ways. You may see such an employee in a different light after this experience.

The Excitement Will Provide Energy

One of the keys to a successful teambuilding activity is to do something exciting. Should the activity be dull, people can not only get bored, but can also revert to what they have in common, which is work. Generally, you don't want work talk to come up during a teambuilding outing. Fishing charters, especially if you choose one in an area where the fish are either large or prolific, should keep your group engaged enough that everyone will be energized by the gathering.


20 March 2018