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Reasons That A Revolver Can Be A Perfect Handgun For Someone With Arthritis

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If you've dealt with mild arthritis symptoms for some time but you're noticing that the discomfort and lack of dexterity and strength are increasing, you may have to make some changes to your hobbies. For gun owners, handling a firearm may not be as easy as it once was before your arthritis worsened. Perhaps you've always viewed semi-automatic pistols as your preferred handgun; it may now be time to give some consideration to revolvers. This style of firearm has a number of benefits, including the fact that it may be easier and more enjoyable to operate for someone with arthritis. Here are some specific reasons why.

No Need To Rack A Slide

When you have a semi-automatic pistol, you'll learn how to rack the slide early on in your training and this preparedness step will become second nature. As your arthritis progresses, however, you may find that this once-simple task is now a challenge. Racking a slide requires you to squeeze the slide with a significant amount of grip, which might be difficult and lead to considerable frustration. When you switch to a revolver, you no longer have to perform this step after loading the firearm and before you're ready to pull the trigger to fire it.

Easier To Load The Ammunition

Loading the ammunition round by round into the magazine of a semi-auto pistol is a simple task, but one that can prove to be problematic for those who suffer from arthritis. Each time you push a round into your pistol's magazine prior to loading the magazine, you're fighting against the pressure that the spring is exerting. Additionally, the small and smooth nature of handgun ammunition can make it difficult to grip effectively, resulting in you dropping cartridges and taking longer than necessary to get the job done. Slipping rounds into a revolver cylinder, meanwhile is much easier.

No Challenges With Jamming

Revolvers are much less likely to jam than semi-auto pistols, which can once again be easier on your hands if you have arthritis. When a pistol jams, you'll typically want to move the slide back and forth. However, if a round is jammed inside the pistol where it isn't supposed to be, this motion can be even more difficult than usual. Additionally, you may even have trouble getting enough force on the magazine ejector button to remove the magazine if there's a round that is jammed at the top of it.


8 April 2018