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Do you remember the last time you had a great time spending the afternoon with family and friends outdoors? If you are like most people, you might think things like boating and playing kickball are fun--but only if you are fit and coordinated enough to participate fully. I struggled with having an enjoyable experience with recreation and sports, that is until I started concentrating on getting better at outdoors activities. Check out this blog for all kinds of advice on improving your ability to play outside with the people that you love. You never know, improving your kickball game might also help you to live a longer, healthier life.

Finding The Right Dance Studio For Your Child

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You know that your child needs to be healthy, just like you know they need  to use their imagination. If you're looking to fulfill both needs simultaneously, you may want to sign your child up for a dance class.

Here are some tips to help you find the right dance class for your child:


Most dance studios offer a variety dance genres. Choosing the right genre will enable your child to enjoy the music they dance to and feel comfortable with the dance routines they learn.

  • Ballet: this classical genre will develop your child's patience, flexibility, coordination. Although this genre is most popular with girls, boys are still welcome (and coveted) at most studios. Ballet will also allow your child to participate in an ensemble, which is perfect if they're a little shy.
  • Jazz: a more frenetic, but still classic form of dance, jazz will develop your child's rhythm and coordination. Also, many jazz routines feature solos, which gives a child who doesn't mind the spotlight, a chance to shine.
  • Tap: a cross between ballet and jazz, tap will develop your child's synchronicity and posture, while giving them the chance to make music with the tapping of their toes. Because this genre is difficult, it's not advisable to start your child with tap.
  • Hip-Hop: the most modern and fast-growing genre, hip-hop samples music from the radio to create dance routines that your child can use at their next school dance. This genre is perfect if your child loves dancing to the radio and doesn't mind working with an ensemble or independently (most Hip-Hop shows feature a solo for each performer).


You child's life is likely much busier than your childhood. If they're juggling multiple activities during the week, most dance studios offer a variety of options to give you more flexibility.

  • Summers: many dance studios offer weekly or monthly mini-camps that provide daycare and dance instruction. These mini-camps are a great way to introduce them to dance and give you another daycare option/activity this summer.
  • Winter/Spring: most dance studios structure their classes to culminate in a big spring and winter recital. These recitals normally feature dancers from all levels of the company, which gives your child a sense of continuation if they stay with the studio for multiple years. It's important to inquire about the additional costs associate with these performances when you sign your child up with the studio.


27 May 2018