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Do You Bamboo? The Benefits Of Bamboo Hiking Apparel

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Hikers everywhere are asking a new question: "Do you bamboo?" No, the word "bamboo" does not refer to some strange new type of hiking pole, nor does it refer to a maneuver you might use to get up a mountain. It refers to clothing. While clothing made from bamboo may sound strange, it is actually perfectly suited to hiking. Here is a look at some of the many benefits of bamboo clothing for hiking.

1. Bamboo clothing is very smooth and sleek.

There's nothing worse than being 2 miles into a 15-mile hike and realizing that the shirt you chose to wear is making you itch. By the time you get back, you may have chafed, sore skin. Bamboo clothing is very smooth and sleek, so it just whisks past your skin without causing any itching or rubbing. You can layer it under your backpack without worry that it will rub you where your straps sit. If you tuck your bamboo pants into your bamboo socks, you don't need to worry about rubs on your ankles.

2. Bamboo clothing is breathable.

Another popular hiker saying is "cotton kills." The reason why cotton is so dangerous to wear on the trail is that it does not breathe. If you sweat, the cotton absorbs your sweat and holds onto it. Then, when a chill comes through the air, the moisture grows cold and lowers your body temperature, which could be very dangerous in chilly conditions.

Bamboo is remarkably breathable, so it does not cause this problem. You can get sweaty in bamboo clothing, and you'll be dry again within minutes. This makes bamboo a really good choice if you're hiking during a time when the days are warm and the nights are cold.

3. Bamboo clothing is made by small, responsible companies.

Bamboo clothing is a rather new innovation. The big clothing manufacturers have not really latched onto the idea yet, so most of the bamboo clothing you see is from smaller producers. These smaller companies are usually more dedicated to eco-friendly and employee-friendly practices. As a hiker, you surely care about the environment, so it makes sense to buy from companies who share this interest.

4. Bamboo is a renewable resource.

Bamboo is, by nature, a more eco-friendly option than many other clothing materials. Not only is bamboo all natural, but it grows very quickly and does not need any pesticides, fertilizers, or insecticides to grow well. Bamboo clothing is also biodegradable, so when you are done wearing it, you can rest assured that it will break down without causing pollution—rather than sitting in a landfill or leeching chemicals into the soil.

5. Bamboo clothing is lightweight.

If you are a backpacker or long-distance hiker, you know how important it is to keep your pack light! Bamboo clothing is very lightweight—even the thicker items that are meant for cooler temperatures. You can pack a spare outfit or a whole week's worth of hiking gear without putting your pack overweight. This is certainly easier on your body and may even allow you to go a little further before making visits to trail towns. Thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail love bamboo clothing for this reason.

If you are looking for new hiking apparel, give bamboo clothing from brands like Free Fly Clothing a chance. As a lightweight, breathable, eco-friendly material, it fits your needs as a hiker, and it also aligns with the morals of most hikers. Visit a sporting goods store to look for shirts, pants, shorts, and even socks made from this awesome material. When someone asks you, "do you bamboo?" your answer will be "yes."


17 July 2018