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Points To Consider When You Shop For A Backup Concealed Gun

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Carrying a concealed firearm can give you a strong sense of confidence that you'll be able to protect yourself and innocent individuals around you from any type of attack. If you currently carry a pistol whenever you leave your home, you might be thinking about shopping for a backup gun. Lots of people carry a second firearm for a variety of reasons. If there's an issue with your primary gun, for example, you'll be able to reach for your backup gun and continue to defend yourself. Here are some points that you should consider when you visit your local gun shop to look for a backup gun.


People have different mindsets regarding the size of their primary concealed firearm. While some people like carrying a compact gun, others prefer a larger firearm because it may offer more stopping power. When it comes to a backup concealed gun, however, a smaller size is generally a good idea. Carrying two large firearms on your person can bulkier than you might like, and choosing a smaller size for your backup gun will allow you to conceal it in more locations on your body. For example, some people favor an ankle holster for their backup firearm. This is an area in which a smaller gun is optimal.

Caliber Of Ammunition

Pistols that are suitable for you to carry as a backup gun are chambered in many different calibers. While there's no universally "right" caliber for this gun, there are some things to keep in mind. Generally, it will be ideal if you can find a gun that uses the same caliber of ammunition as your primary gun. This way, you don't have to buy two different types of ammunition when you want to load both of these firearms. Additionally, if you're the type of person who carries spare ammunition with you, you can carry just one caliber for both guns.

Availability Of Holsters

Whenever you shop for a gun that you'll carry in a concealed manner, it's a good idea to be aware of what suitable holsters are on the market. Popular sizes and shapes of guns typically have more holsters that complement them than less-common guns. Think about where you intend to carry your backup gun on your body and then don't be afraid to try out some holsters at your local gun shop. Doing so will help you to understand whether you can carry the gun both comfortably and in a fully concealed manner, regardless of where the gun will be on your body.

For more information about the varieties available at a gun shop, reach out to a local supplier.


14 October 2020