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Picking Out A New Kayak Paddle

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If you are new at kayaking and you decided to purchase your own vessel to use for recreational purposes, in addition to the boat itself, you need to pick out a paddle. The paddle you select makes a difference in the maneuverability of your kayak and the comfort level you obtain when you use it. Here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect kayak paddle.

Keep The Length Of The Paddle In Mind

When you select a paddle, you need to use your height and the width of your kayak as measuring tools to ensure the best fit. Do not pick out a kayak that is too short, as you will not be able to gain enough traction while out on the water. If the ends do not jut out into the water far enough, it will be difficult to move. In addition, your height makes an impact on the maneuverability you gain while out on the water. If you are tall, a longer paddle is necessary. If you are shorter in stature, opt for a shorter paddle. It is best to go to a sporting goods store to try different lengths and ask a salesperson about height requirements to ensure a perfect fit.

Consider The Blade Style For The Best Performance

Kayak paddles have high or low angled blades positioned on the end portions of the unit. Since you are new at kayaking, it is best to start with a low-angled blade pattern. High-angled blades are shorter and wider than low-angled blades. This type of paddle is used by those who are experienced at the sport and by people who kayak on a professional level. Low-angled blades are used by kayakers who keep their paddles horizontal while moving through the water. They work well for recreational use and for long distances on the water. As you gain experience, you may want to upgrade to a high-angle blade.

Decide Upon The Style And Material Of Your Paddle

Kayak paddles are made from many different materials, each with its own set of pros and cons. For a cheaper alternative, opt for a paddle with an aluminum post and plastic blades. For a sturdier paddle, select one made from carbon and fiberglass. In addition to the materials a paddle is made from, you want to pick out a paddle with a sharp appearance. Consider picking out a paddle in a contrasting color from your kayak so it is seen by others while out on the water. Select a brighter color if possible, as this is easier to find should you happen to drop your paddle into the water.


12 April 2021