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Summer Fishing Charters: Catching Them When It's Hot

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When the weather turns hot, the fishing bite can have the tendency of going cold. Fishing charter boats can find the hot bite even when the weather turns hot.

Here are some strategies used by fishing boat charters for hot weather situations.

Shade, Temperature, and Current

Warmer water tends be both stagnant and less oxygenated. This can be particularly true when temperatures reach summer highs. Fishing boat charters often find the hot bite by focusing on three variables: shade, temperature, and current.


It's not a revelation to mention that shady areas are cooler than those exposed to direct sunlight. However, looking for shade when it comes to fishing can be a bite more complicated. For instance, many fishing boat charter captains look for north-, west-, or east-facing shade lines. Avoiding south-facing shade lines during the summer can help you find slightly cooler water temperatures, which can provide a safe haven to gamefish looking to avoid the warmer, south facing, shaded areas.


Water temperatures can vary based on the various water columns in an area. These layers, known as thermoclines, are very similar to those of the upper atmosphere. The temperature differences between these layers can be drastic and cause fish to suspend in one layer. Many charter boat fishing captains explore thermoclines during the summer by trolling or drifting baits at various depths until they locate schools of feeding fish. When exploring the thermoclines in an area, it helps to have an advanced depth finder and GPS unit to record waypoints.


In most fisheries, current is driven by the wind. During the hottest months fish can seek current more than shade or forage. Fishing charters often target wind blown points or areas where the prevailing wind is funneled to create current. When targeting areas with current, it can help to let bait drift naturally with the current. This is particularly true when fishing with live bait or jigging.

Find the Bait

Fish are opportunistic predators. During the summer months, they often wrangle larger schools of bait fish near the surface or against the shore to make for an easier meal.


One of the easiest ways to find schools of bait fish is to look for bird activity. Many charter boat fishing captains motor to areas where they've found fish in the past and scour the horizon with a decent pair of binoculars. Once they see birds congregating or actively feeding, they motor to the areas and start casting topwater plugs.

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24 June 2021