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Determining If You Need A Boat Safety Certification In Your State To Operate Your New Boat On Local Waterways

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Boating is a great summer activity, and if you are considering buying your first boat, you might want to look into the local requirements surrounding the operation of the craft on public waters. In some states, you need to have a certification from a boating safety training program before you can operate the boat legally. Still, often these certifications are not hard to get and are beneficial for first-time boat owners.

Check The Laws

When considering buying your first boat, it is vital to check the laws in your area regarding operating the boat legally. The boat dealer should be able to help you with information surrounding the legal obligations in the area. 

Boat safety courses teach you many things about boating that you might not otherwise know, and the training programs cover the laws, the operation of the boat, and what you need to have on board for a day on the lake. In many states, the certifications are not challenging to get, and you will come away with some knowledge that could be critical if you have an emergency on the water.

These courses will teach you how to read the markers and buoys on the water, when to give way to other boats, how to load your boat to keep it balanced, and what to do if an emergency occurs on the water. Understanding the physics of the boat is essential, and just jumping into a boat and speeding across open water is an excellent way to get into trouble, both legally and physically. 

Online Certification

In many states, boat safety courses are available to take online from the comfort of your home. The classes are set up in modules that you go through at your own pace, and then when you complete all of them, you are issued a certificate showing you passed the course. 

If you are considering taking the course online, it is crucial that you check that the course meets the requirements in your state before you pay for any classes. Most states can direct you to approved courses, so check with them first, or talk to the local boat dealer about where to find approved courses for the state you live in. Often the dealer will have this information or can direct you to the right place to find it. 

If you need to have the certification to register your boat, make sure you look for boat safety courses that include a physical certificate or a way to print one at the end of the course. Some states only require the certifications if you are under eighteen. Still, other states mandate training for anyone operating a boat on public waters in the state, no matter their experience level.  


30 November 2021