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Can You Learn to Surf If You Don't Live Near the Ocean?

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Maybe you've always felt thrilled at the thought of riding those waves and spent your time watching awesome surfing videos online. You're dying to take some surfing lessons and get out on the water, but you don't live within reasonable driving distance to a good surfing spot on the ocean. Are you just out of luck? The answer is no! There are ways to learn to surf even if you're landlocked. Here are just three:

1. Take Lessons at a Wave Pool

Even though nothing will beat the ocean, that's not the only place to practice riding waves. Find your local wave pool or wave rider that can simulate the feeling of surfing. Some of these places will even offer surfing lessons. Even though the experience will be man-made, it can make a big difference. Having a teacher to help you develop key skills and find balance on the board will help you progress more quickly once you finally get out on the ocean since you shouldn't have to spend as long learning some of the basics. 

2. Practice Surfing Skills Out of Water

Besides taking lessons at a wave pool, there are lots of other ways to practice surfing skills outside of the ocean. If you can find a big enough pool, you can practice paddling and turning on your board, as well as become a stronger swimmer. Practicing your pop-up is another great tip, because although popping up in the ocean is harder, you will still be toning those muscles and getting your body accustomed to the move when you practice on land. Learning to skateboard can help you improve your balance. You can also simply lie on the board in the correct position so that it feels natural to your body over time. There are lots of ways to practice surfing off the beach, and a surfing instructor can give you more exercises and tips as well.

3. Take One-Time Lessons When Near Beach

Just because you aren't near the beach all the time doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the time you are. Of course, consistent practice is ideal for learning any new skill. However, that doesn't mean you can't see some progress by taking an occasional lesson on the ocean when you do have the chance, especially if that occasional lesson is paired with the other previously mentioned tips. Don't be intimidated by the surfers who get the chance to go all the time—just focus on yourself and stay patient with your progress.

In the end, surfing is all about having fun and enjoying the beauty of the ocean, and you don't have to be a professional to do that! Just practice what you can on land and take surfing lessons when you can, and you can still learn to surf, even if you're not at the ocean every day. Contact an instructor that offers surfing lessons for more information.                     


25 May 2022