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Make These Tube-Related Decisions When You Buy A Play Structure

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One of the best things about buying a play structure is thoroughly assessing each of the features that it offers. Play structures vary considerably in design, and provided that you shop at a playground equipment supplier that carries a wide range of products, you'll have all sorts of different options to think about. Some play structures are equipped with tubes that allow children to move from one area to another. Most kids will love crawling through these tubes, which are available in a variety of lengths based on the size of the structure. Here are some tube-related decisions that you'll need to make.

Tube Height

You'll find play structures that have tubes at all different heights. In some structures, the tube runs essentially on the ground; if you install the structure in a sand-covered area, the bottom of the tube will sit against the sand. You'll see other structures in which the tube sits at a moderate height and others that feature a tube toward the top of the structure. Each option offers its own benefits. You may want to think about the age of the kids who will be using the structure. Older kids who are more adventurous, for example, might favor a high tube.

Tube Material

Play structure tubes are typically made of heavy plastic, but the appearance of the material can vary. You can expect to see a lot of tubes that are brightly colored. Tubes in red, yellow, blue, and other shades are very common. There are some tubes, however, that are made of clear plastic. Think about what material would give the children who will use the play structure the most fun. Solid colors can help the tube to be a good hiding spot during games while a clear tube can make it fun for kids to see their friends crawling.

Tube Shape

You'll also want to choose a shape of tube that you feel the children will enjoy. A lot of play structure tubes are straight, which means that children can crawl through them quickly. Others have a gentle curve or even a sharp bend, which can add fun. For example, some kids will enjoy the challenge of navigating a tube with a less-common shape than one that is straight. Visit a playground equipment supplier to browse each of its play structures for sale, making a point of checking out the tube feature on each.


6 December 2022