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Ahoy, Halibut: Making The Most Of Your Fishing Trip

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Going on a halibut fishing excursion is a fantastic way to spend the day on the seas and take in the fishing experience. Whether you know the ins and outs of fishing or are going out for the first time, you are sure to have a blast. Here are just some ways you can make the most of your halibut fishing trip! 

Take in the Sights of the Oregon Coast

The landscape of the Oregon coast is like none you have ever experienced! From majestic bluffs that tower over the glassy shore to the craggy rocks that jut out of the ocean-like monuments, you will be blown away by how gorgeous the scenery is around you. If this is your first time on a halibut fishing expedition, be sure to take along a waterproof camera to capture the landscape before you head offshore. Remember that your fishing trip will most likely be cold once you head into the deeper waters, so be sure to pack the appropriate clothing. A wind-proof jacket that repels water, a cozy hat, and some gloves are must-haves but it is always a safe bet to bring plenty of layers along, just in case. 

Make it a Family Affair

A fishing excursion off the Oregon coast is a great way to spend the entire day with your family! If you have children you'd like to bring along on the trip, be sure to contact the charter to double-check on any age restrictions. While halibut fishing is considered generally safe, there are some factors that may make it unsuitable for smaller children such as exposure to colder air temperatures and choppy waters. For those who are able to bring along their family, also consider their comfort levels when it comes to fishing. While some may be experienced in halibut fishing, others may be completely new to the experience. If this is the case, choosing a charter that is able to provide instruction and guidance would be an excellent option. 

Enjoy the Tasty Flavors of Halibut

The best part about deciding to take on the adventure of a halibut fishing excursion is, of course, the halibut! This lean fish offers a light and delicate flavor that goes well with pretty much anything. Extremely versatile, this fish is delicious broiled, baked, fried, and even sautéed. Serve with grilled vegetables in the summer for a light and flavorful meal. Just don't forget that extra squeeze of lemon on top! If you're looking for a scrumptious lunch idea, make a fried halibut sandwich with tartar sauce and pair it with seasoned fries for a truly unforgettable culinary experience! Halibut also goes well with a variety of wines and is absolutely delicious when paired with a crisp white wine.

To learn more about Oregon coast halibut fishing, reach out to local fishing guides.


20 March 2023